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Student Screendance festival 2022 | Ashoka University

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Undergraduate students of Co-curricular course at Ashoka University share their making process from scratch over 14 weeks of continuous engagement with the field of performance, choreography and film.

The co-curricular course is founded and managed by Justin Mc Carthy and Abhinaya Pennesweran

Students involved :

Aahana Banerjee Akhil Madhavan Amiya Kumar Ananya Agarwalla Arvind Yadav Asha Kumari Devaki Divan Esha Ashar Gauri Khanduri Janhavee Hada Neeta Kumari Padmaja Sanjay Gaikwad Reva Shinghal Samvit Jatia Sanskriti Singh Shreya Khobragade Shrishti Tiwari Tanima Soni Tara Doraiswamy Tishya Doraiswamy Vikas Kumar Yashvi Jain Krishna Rengeraj Vedika Bagla

Course facilitator : Sumedha Bhattacharyya

Screendance films

Rhythms of Rai

Our video wanted to focus on how every person lives and perceives the world uniquely, even in our individual lives and routines, we see that each person is connected to everyone else. We all eat, work, laugh, play and rest, and our video focuses on how the differences in people's routines can ultimately be broken down and recombined to form one cohesive day, this symbolising the unity we share.


This film represents how music sends people into another dimension. Here we can see how people are engaging in mundane activities but because a tune is stuck in their head, they start grooving and enter a dream like state, until the music stops and they go back to everyday life.


About the various connotations of what it means to fall- falling in love, falling apart, falling back into the same patterns


Exploring the topic of space, our film works with different spaces on campus. It attempts to explore how we move and interact differently with different spaces we find ourselves in everyday at Ashoka.

In class processes


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